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Our Simple Terms & Conditions:

Besides the SETUP FEE, you will only be charged THE SERVICE FEE for the first month’s program service fee at BASIC LEVEL. However, your first 30-Day service term does not begin today, it actually starts the day you receive your first appointment request from your ads.

We will charge you the next month’s SERVICE FEE again 23 days after that date (7 days in advance of the 30 day anniversary to prevent service interruption), and then every month thereafter. All program fees are collected in advance.

Facebook & Google Ads budgets are additional and are paid by you to Facebook or Google directly. The Facebook and Google advertising Terms of Service apply to those transactions.

Our written Terms of Service govern this relationship exclusively and supersede any verbal or other agreements, promises, etc. That keeps things fair and transparent. By engaging in our services you are agreeing to our terms. From here on out we will assume you are familiar with them. Read our Terms of Service at https://freshwebstart.com/our-contract/

Stopping Service. *

You may stop service at the end of any service term with a 10-day notice prior to the end of any service term (time enough so we do not bill you for the next term). Service is month-to-month and you are not obligated to continue at any point, however, there are no refunds for any fees collected and no pro-rated terms if you stop mid a service term.

No Guarantee of Results. *

This is advertising and there is no guarantee of results. What you can expect is to get our best efforts and applied expertise. Our urgency and incentive come from knowing that you are under no obligation to continue service after the current service term. Thus, we only win when you win.

Self-Auctioning. *

Please do not run any other paid Facebook or Google marketing programs while working with us. Doing so will put you in the Facebook or Google ad auction bidding against yourself and raise your ad costs.

Campaign Changes. *

We require minimal client management to do our work, but we do sometimes need your approval or input. As the client, you will have phone/email and text access to your Campaign Manager (during work hours M-F) and you will be our point of contact with your office. To avoid confusions, major changes to your campaigns, including budgets, will need to be approved by you in writing.

Contract *

I agree to the points above and the Terms of Contract as stated here: https://freshwebstart.com/our-contract/

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If we have already been on a Discovery Call and Agreed for a Service Contract, then in Step 2 you will see the financial details of such contract. In case of Contract not being yet attached to your account, don’t worry, we will send you an email as soon as it gets attached.